Why It’s Important That Every Person Does an Entrepreneur Course

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I am always amazed how many people claim that they are not entrepreneurs and that entrepreneurship cannot be taught. There are many myths that surround the start-up and entrepreneurial culture. The Hero. The Visionary. Being at the Right Time and Right Place. Yet, the reality of successful start-ups and founders rarely matches the myths. There is no mythical “entrepreneur gene” or archetype that exists for the gifted and charismatic few who are in the right place at the right time with a brilliant new product.

The truth is, entrepreneurship can be taught, and entrepreneurs come in many shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact you are already part entrepreneur if you earn an income as a salaried worker. Have you ever realized that as a salaried worker you own a sole proprietorship?

How is this possible, you may ask ? Well, you earn an income (revenue), you pay bills (expenses) , you may own assets (balance sheet). If you are a salaried worker then you actually have your own little business.

When you applied for the job that you are currently in you probably went for an interview. You marketed yourself to first get the interview (marketing) and then you went for the interview where you got the job(sales). Every day you are marketing your skills and knowledge in your work environment. If this was not so then your employer will not need you and you will be without a job.  You thus have your own little business without even knowing about it.

The principles and processes of an entrepreneur course is thus vitally important to you as an employee and a sole proprietor since the same principles and processes apply if you want to move forward with your career.

You may be a student anticipating a career as an employee or as an entrepreneur starting your own business. Investing in an entrepreneur course is especially important for you.

You may be an existing business person who already owns a business. Businesses have started in many different ways. You may have inherited a business. You may have started a business totally on your own. The value of an entrepreneur course is also especially for you as a business owner or current entrepreneur. Business owners and entrepreneurs generally want to expand and improve their businesses. Many entrepreneurs feel as if they have reached a ceiling with their businesses. It is crucial for an existing business person or entrepreneur to just take a step backwards and use the principles and processes taught in entrepreneur courses as a checklist against which to measure their business against.

The value of entrepreneur courses for every person should not be underestimated.

The advantage of learning entrepreneurial skills over more traditional subjects is that they are not uniquely relevant to a career as an entrepreneur. The skills needed to start your own business are relevant in any field and would also be desirable attributes for being an employee. In fact, having a wide range of business-relevant skills acquired through studying entrepreneurship would make you an ideal candidate in most fields. Therefore, skills taught in entrepreneur courses generally apply to all areas of industry and do not kill creativity or block opportunity to a specific career.

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