How to Start a Business from a Smartphone and Earn Income Within Minutes


You have a computer and business tool in the palm of your hand. Gone are the days where you need a desktop or laptop computer to run a business from.  Nowadays there are apps available where you  can do most functions from your smartphone. You can do invoicing, write letters, manage your accounts etc all from the palm of your hand.

Technology has progressed to a point that you can do business anywhere at anytime. You are part of a global world through your smartphone 24/7 365 days a year. Why not use this ability to earn an income fulltime or part-time.

A very easy way to use your smartphone to start a business is to become an affiliate marketer. It is generally a very easy process. Join-Promote-Earn are the three steps involved. Affiliate marketers promote the product of a company and earn a commission from any sale that occurs. This is an easy way to earn an income since the affiliate marketer has no cost associated with developing a product.

When you become an affiliate marketer you will receive gain access to a unique ID that is associated to your registration. This unique ID is only linked to your profile. If a prospective client purchases an affiliate product then the sale is recorded against the unique ID and you will receive a commission. This is as simple as that.  So just join-promote-earn.

Using social media can go a long way with your marketing efforts  which you can do from the palm of your hand. This is ideal for affiliate marketing. Commenting on blog posts with your affiliate link is just as powerful that you can do from the palm of your hand. Even pay per click promotions can be done.

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You can start earning an income within minutes.

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