Help me !!! I need a Business Idea


You may or may not have a business idea or you may just not know where to start.

So many people want to be financially independent and start their own business. They want to do their own thing but they do not have a business idea or have a vague idea what they want to do.

Business ideas need to be developed whether you have an idea or not. Just jumping in and starting a business based on a vague business idea will be fatal for your business. There are processes that need to be followed to develop and refine this idea. Just having an idea is not good enough.

If you have no idea whatsoever then you will need to train your mind to identify areas of opportunity. There is no real or secret formula for this.  You will however need to establish where there is a demand for a product or service or where there is a demand for a specific problem. Your business will only be successful if there is a demand for your product or service. The saying trying to sell ice to an Eskimo comes to mind. Why would an Eskimo buy ice from you if there is an abundance of ice available ? This does not make sense. If you have however established that you can sell hamburgers where nobody else sells hamburgers then you may satisfy a demand that exists in a specific area because people may like hamburgers in your area.

Everything is about demand. If there is a market that you can satisfy then you may have a business idea that can work. The business idea is however just the tip of the iceberg. This idea need to be developed into a business roadmap which defines your prospective business in detail. You need to have a plan that can be executed. You need to know upfront whether you have a feasible business idea before you start a business. Just jumping in can be an extremely costly exercise.

Luckily there are processes available to guide you through the whole business idea exercise. The business idea is just the beginning. Developing and determining the feasibility of this business idea is the most important.

The How To Start a Business Course provides the processes to guide you through the maze of developing a business idea. If it was easy then everybody would have done it. Make sure that you utilize tried and tested processes to ensure the success of your business idea. Do not neglect this.

Visit for more information on these processes.

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