Here’s What You Don’t Know About Business That Could Make You Fail Dismally


OK, so you want to start a business or already have a business. You may be successful or you may not be successful. You may have a job in which you are successful or may not be so successful. Whether you want to start a business, have a business or have a job is all business and you need to know what can make you fail.

We are briefly going to touch on some of the topics that can cause you to fail in your business activities. This is a brief discussion and more detailed information can be found by CLICKING HERE on how to avoid these issues.

  1. Lack of Action on an Idea
    • How many times have you had an idea just to see somebody else taking that idea and making a success of it ? This can happen in your career, business or with a product or service that you provide. Lack of taking action is key in many career and business failures.
  2. Fear
    • Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors to success. Fear manifests itself in excuses why you cannot do something. Fear has been the cause of many business and career failures simply because you are afraid to take the next step. Fear manifests itself when you are faced with the unknown. When the perceived risks outweigh your ability to act.
  3. Self-Doubt
    • Self-doubt creeps in when things do not work out the way you think it should work out. You then feel like giving up. Self-Doubt is one of the reasons why so many prospective entrepreneurs never act and where their business idea is never launched.
  4. Business Idea Issues
    • Choosing your product or service that you will provide can at the same time be a very exciting and very fearful experience. Your product or service has to be at least good, if not great, to start out with. It has to be differentiated in some meaningful and important way from your competitors’ offering.  All else follows from this principle.
  5. Raising Funding
    • Raising funding for a startup business is not easy. It is however more difficult if you cannot provide your potential funder with a clear plan in order for them to finance you. So after developing your idea, the next challenge you are going to face when starting a business from scratch is that of raising capital.
  6. Lack of Direction
    • If your vision and goals are not defined correctly then you will be like a boat without a rudder and drift aimlessly across the waters to nowhere in particular. You have a great idea for a business. Now what ? Without some sort of direction you will be stuck where you are for the rest of your life. Direction is provided if you know exactly where you are going. If you have a business roadmap that shows you the way then you will not lack direction.
  7. Lack of Organization
    • A business can be a complicated beast which requires a whole new skill set. If you lack organization then this becomes an endless spiral where you are not able to conceptualize every moving piece of your business from operations to finances. If your organization is not defined correctly from the start then you may fall into the lack of organization trap.
  8. Poor Planning
    • Even seasoned entrepreneurs fall into this trap and will ultimately lead to failure if not properly addressed. Poor planning is probably the main cause where obstacles are faced by prospective entrepreneurs.
  9. Mentor
    • Are you familiar with the phrase ‘no man is an island?’ Sometimes to be successful in business – and life – you must rely on people to help you along the way. Business professionals today have numerous opportunities to participate in relationships that can further their personal and professional development. One such relationship is a mentoring partnership.

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How To Develop The Mindset of a Champion


To be successful in business you need to develop and cultivate the right mindset of a champion. People always just see the success stories. They see Roger Federer winning a trophy, they see Usain Bolt standing on the podium. What they don’t see is the disappointments, the failures, the hard work to get where they wanted to be.

There are vast similarities between the achievement of top sports men and women with that of a business person. The same principles apply whether you achieve in sport or in business. The same mindset apply.

Do you just have this mindset or can it be developed ? The mindset of a champion can be developed and is not isolated to a selected few or inherited by pure luck. You can develop the right mindset to achieve anything that you want to achieve in life. There are processes available to assist you to do so.

Many people tend to give up very easily if things do not go their way. Watch this video clip and hear what Arnold Schwarzenegger have to say :

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Why It’s Important That Every Person Does an Entrepreneur Course

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I am always amazed how many people claim that they are not entrepreneurs and that entrepreneurship cannot be taught. There are many myths that surround the start-up and entrepreneurial culture. The Hero. The Visionary. Being at the Right Time and Right Place. Yet, the reality of successful start-ups and founders rarely matches the myths. There is no mythical “entrepreneur gene” or archetype that exists for the gifted and charismatic few who are in the right place at the right time with a brilliant new product.

The truth is, entrepreneurship can be taught, and entrepreneurs come in many shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact you are already part entrepreneur if you earn an income as a salaried worker. Have you ever realized that as a salaried worker you own a sole proprietorship?

How is this possible, you may ask ? Well, you earn an income (revenue), you pay bills (expenses) , you may own assets (balance sheet). If you are a salaried worker then you actually have your own little business.

When you applied for the job that you are currently in you probably went for an interview. You marketed yourself to first get the interview (marketing) and then you went for the interview where you got the job(sales). Every day you are marketing your skills and knowledge in your work environment. If this was not so then your employer will not need you and you will be without a job.  You thus have your own little business without even knowing about it.

The principles and processes of an entrepreneur course is thus vitally important to you as an employee and a sole proprietor since the same principles and processes apply if you want to move forward with your career.

You may be a student anticipating a career as an employee or as an entrepreneur starting your own business. Investing in an entrepreneur course is especially important for you.

You may be an existing business person who already owns a business. Businesses have started in many different ways. You may have inherited a business. You may have started a business totally on your own. The value of an entrepreneur course is also especially for you as a business owner or current entrepreneur. Business owners and entrepreneurs generally want to expand and improve their businesses. Many entrepreneurs feel as if they have reached a ceiling with their businesses. It is crucial for an existing business person or entrepreneur to just take a step backwards and use the principles and processes taught in entrepreneur courses as a checklist against which to measure their business against.

The value of entrepreneur courses for every person should not be underestimated.

The advantage of learning entrepreneurial skills over more traditional subjects is that they are not uniquely relevant to a career as an entrepreneur. The skills needed to start your own business are relevant in any field and would also be desirable attributes for being an employee. In fact, having a wide range of business-relevant skills acquired through studying entrepreneurship would make you an ideal candidate in most fields. Therefore, skills taught in entrepreneur courses generally apply to all areas of industry and do not kill creativity or block opportunity to a specific career.

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